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Happy New Year

I hope you are all doing well. We made it to 2022. Does it feel like 2021 was just a blur for anyone else? I’m April and this is Books and Sip.

I am currently in school to get my Bachelor’s in creative writing with a concentration in fiction. I love fantasy and romance and mystery. I’m wanting to make my writing better and learn more so I can help authors as a freelance editor. If you have questions on how much an editor might cost you I am going to link to some different articles to give you ideas. While I am in school my rate will be by the page as I am gaining experience and knowledge. I would love to be doing this full time one day.

On Books and Sip my plan is to talk about books, of course, and writing. I would love to have interviews with people in the business, from authors, cover designers, other editors. We all know the really big publishing houses but I also want to shine a light on the smaller publishing houses too. I also want to shine a light on things that people should be aware of as far as unethical businesses.

If any of these topics interest you then hit the subscribe button.

Until next time Always remember that you are worthy. You are a masterpiece. You matter to this world. Be safe out there.

How Much Does an Editor Cost? 7 Questions to Consider (thewritelife.com)

How Much Does an Editor Cost? What to Expect for Pro Services (reedsy.com)

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