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Editing Breakdown

When it comes to writing of any kind there are different steps of editing and revisions that a writer goes through. When it comes to writing a fiction story, it can be difficult to decide what kind of editing it is called that you are needing. I can admit that when I started writing stories, I thought editing was just simply editing. Something general that was done. Then when I started to get more into things I learned otherwise.

Looking up the different kinds of editing some can seem like they are interchangeable, but you will find some editors special in certain kinds of edits. Here are how I see some edits and how we could use them.

Developmental Editing - This one is to look at your overall story and plot. This is time to see that your main goal of the story is being met. Are the story arcs fluid? This is looking at character development and plot holes. With this you could pay by the page and have me look for certain things about the story or characters or if you are needing a sounding board, we could set up a time to talk through some ideas you are feeling stuck on.

Line Editing - improves style, readability of your manuscript. This will be going through and looking at grammar and spelling. Line editing doesn't look at plot holes or character development. That isn't to say that if something was obvious that it wouldn't get mentioned but it wouldn't be a main focus. That would fall under developmental editing.

My rate is $5 a page with a minimum of $50 (10 pages). It will be paid half upfront and then when edits are done the other half would have to be paid in order for edits to be returned.

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